“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
Mohandas Gandhi
Photo by Chi Lu

Cedric Speyer

Cedric Speyer is a Benedictine oblate, author, Registered Psychotherapist (RP) and Reiki practitioner. Cedric provides a psychospiritual paradigm for helping professionals, based on the integration of therapeutic best practices with religious or spiritual development. As a Clinical Supervisor, he developed a therapeutic model called InnerView, and the 4Fold Path map for an overview depicting the sequences of soul work.  

Cedric pioneered online counselling on a large scale in Canada and helped establish its credibility as an effective therapeutic modality.  He trained, supervised and mentored EAP clinical counsellors for 16 years before establishing InnerView Guidance International (IGI).

The vision of IGI is bringing the worlds of psychotherapy and spiritual mentoring together for the professional development of helping practitioners.

See Cedric’s LinkedIn profile page for more bio background.

Maria da Silva

Maria brings experience in psychospiritual support and spiritual direction to IGI. She is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care. She has worked as a spiritual care practitioner since 1994 in a variety of health care settings. She has also accompanied individuals released from prison to reintegrate into the community. Maria earned Master’s degrees in English Literature as well as Theological Studies. She trained as a spiritual director at Loyola House in Guelph, Ontario and holds a Diploma in Spiritual Direction from Regis College at the Toronto School of Theology. Prior to becoming a spiritual care practitioner, she taught Literature and Humanities at the community college level. On her own path, Maria’s passion for community is nurtured and sustained by contemplative prayer.  

Thomas Francoeur

  • “In our relationships, we need to uphold that aspect of the person which is the real
  • person and the soul beyond their own self-doubt. ” – Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

T om Francoeur (1921-2014) is the godfather of the spiritual psychology we now call InnerView. Over his sixty year career, Francoeur helped countless clients, seekers and students discern what the soul wants in any life situation, no matter how difficult or painful.  When you were in his presence, you gained a palpable sense of Tom’s wisdom, sense of humanity and humor, and openness to grace.

This video profile of Tom illustrates the depth and breadth of his steady gaze on the essential goodness of persons: Tom Francoeur: A Mighty Kindness

Given the following understanding of what characterizes a saint, Tom qualifies. A saint is not someone who transcends the cares of this world, as in being ‘above it all’. What differentiates a saint is that sins or flaws don’t have ‘the last word’ or power to define or shape the true nature of a person. When it comes to the redemptive effects of love and grace, a saint has bet his or her life on the side that’s winning, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Saints of all faiths embody hope in their very being. In the same way, we convey to every client who presents themselves as a victim of circumstances, that they are not named or defined by their life situation. Here is how a participant in a prayer group with Tom described him:

Tom is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met…  a beacon of hope. He embodies the goodness that he affirms is inborn in every human heart and the wisdom he shares is invaluable, as is his skill in drawing out the innermost thoughts of his listeners.  Tom has a keen understanding of the human condition, which can only be the result of a lifetime of learning and loving.  I think Tom has a way of making people feel totally at ease in his presence, despite the fact that he is an extremely learned person and, I believe, might be recognized as a modern day saint.   

–  Barbara d’Artois

Feedback and testimonials on InnerView Guidance, supervision and mentoring…  

I’m so impressed by the materials you’ve sent. You have a wonderful teaching style – some of your writing reminds me of Buber’s Tales of the Hasidim, powerful layers of meaning wrapped up in simple stories. You’ve developed an amazing practice, helping thousands upon thousands of people live lives of possibility. You are the inheritor, the steward, of a transformative and redemptive spirit of language with the power to heal. 

It’s a fantastic feeling to know that you’re taking such a broad, integrative approach to therapy, drawing upon literature, art and spirituality. Surely, this approach will help us stave off the risk of becoming too formulaic in our work. This quote from Thomas Moore says it all. “As a therapist, I often see my job not as providing options, but as educating the imagination so that solutions are visible. That’s why I have studied literature more than psychology, which expands the imagination rather than reduces it. For the same reason, spiritual ideas are more valuable to me than the usual therapeutic ones. Literature and spirituality offer a broader range of imagination for the human condition.”

 I feel that I am learning and growing tremendously both professionally and personally. I experience your feedback as wise and poignant and at the same time I feel you genuinely encourage me to both trust and feel confident in the strength of my own voice. 

 There are people who seem to be lightning rods for grace.  From them flows an almost visible vibration of compassion, and to be around them is to feel blessed and uplifted.” (Sue Patton Theole) This is how I experience you, Cedric.

 You are one, Cedric, who makes a difference in my knowing. Your intelligent faith shows me that faith is also possible for me. You always have a way with words that makes me feel connected and cared for. It could not have been better timing for me to let your kind words shine their light into my soul, bringing tears to my weary eyes. I’ll need to reflect on the wisdom to fully take it in. You have already played a greater role in my life than you may ever really know.

 Cedric is divinely gifted and beautiful and sincere. He is constantly polishing his soul pearl and anything he says is gold  because he is not interested in anything less. He is very patient in the face of any kind of adversity presented to him, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge, he is totally reliable and responsible, and has a wide range of therapeutic methods available at his fingertips. He is my rock in times of crisis, my cheer leader for success. His wisdom, humour, and patience, truly are appreciated. May he serve as your esoteric guide when you so need it.

 Love the consult  wow, you’re so encouraging, you’re becoming a master of the kind of inspiring feedback that makes us want to reach higher.

 I cherish and value the mentorship you provide. You have helped me grow as a therapist and as a person. I am always so appreciative of your depth of understanding and the way you guide me. It’s not just supervision, it’s a relationship and exceptional beyond anything I ever expected. 

 Hey Cedric….you are too funny! So funny… and right, all at the same time! Thanks for the boost!  And thanks for all the mentoring and support that you have provided me as well! I cannot easily find the right words for the depth of your clinical support and how it has fostered my growth.

 When you were my supervisor, you wanted excellence, and took pains to help me achieve it. Sometimes you pushed me (and I needed pushing).

I have no doubt that your supervision significantly helped improve my counselling practice, and I owe you for that, as, I suppose, do my former clients. You showed me how to look at my own resources, insights, strengths, and also to look beyond what I thought I was seeing.

 Cedric – you have a real gift for illuminating the situation in a profoundly personal and spiritual way, and then entrusting us to respond to our clients in accordance with that vision. You are a master at core issues and always water the good seeds. The consults with you were helpful in many ways and once again I am reminded of how gifted you are and what gifts you bring to us all.