“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite.”
William Blake

Technical Issues
To reach helpdesk support for platform issues, call 888-687-9288 ext. 0 or email: support@oncallhealth.ca           

Strategic Partnerships
To discuss how we can support the spiritual and psychological needs of your organization, contact Cedric Speyer at cmspeyer@innerviewguidance.com  or 416-410-9631.

Media & Networking
For media interest, more information on InnerView Guidance, and other professional inquiries, contact Cedric Speyer at cmspeyer@innerviewguidance.com or 416-410-9631

Mentorship & Supervision
To learn more about clinical supervision using the InnerView approach, email Cedric Speyer: cmspeyer@innerviewguidance.com

IGI mailing address:
InnerView Guidance International
146 Arlington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6C 2Z2

To book your session, there’s no need to call or email. Just go to our registration page here.


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