“There is a really deep well inside me. And in it dwells God. Sometimes I am there too.
But more often stones and grit block the well, and God is buried beneath. Then he must be dug out again.”
Etty Hillesum

You’ve got questions and maybe you’re not even sure if you’re in the right place. That’s okay and completely understandable. If you don’t see the answer to your question, you can send an email to:  admin@innerviewguidance.com

How do I set up a session?

It’s easy and it’s all online. You start here on our secure session platform by Registering. This is where you tell us about yourself and your situation. It’s an essential part of the process because it helps us to discern who will be the best practitioner for you. Then you will receive an email about how to meet your practitioner on the platform for the free 20 minute video meeting, when you will receive further orientation.

How much does this service cost?

We offer 3 ways to connect with our practitioners so you can decide what’s right for you. Please proceed to the Register page to see our fee chart for the various options. Our rates are in Canadian currency. If you are located outside North America or Europe, please contact admin@innerviewguidance.com for the costs in your country.

Where do the sessions happen?
That’s up to you. All sessions are booked on our secure session platform where the video, text and telephone sessions take place. That means you can attend sessions wherever you like, on any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. We suggest you choose a quiet and private space to do your sessions so you can get the most out of them.

How often will I need to talk with my practitioner?
Whether you book one session at a time or choose a package, further scheduling is done in co-operation with your practitioner. We encourage you to book sessions so that you have enough time in-between to really benefit from the work you do in-session. Some clients like weekly sessions; others prefer bi-monthly or even monthly.  It’s about what you need.

What exactly do you mean by the session platform?
At IGI, everything from the assessment to booking to payment and attending further sessions is done though our secure online session platform. Once you get there, you choose what kind of sessions are right for you.


  • Video sessions – like Skype or FaceTime where you see your practitioner on screen.
  • Telephone sessions – pre-scheduled voice only conversations.
  • Text-based exchanges – for people who prefer to write. There are two options: ‘chat’ (texting in real-time) and written exchanges with no appointment times needed (back-and-forth letter writing). The exchange of letters is like keeping a journal, but the journal answers back (within 2 business days).
  • In-person sessions – our practitioners are across the globe so it’s unlikely you’ll be in the same city as your practitioner but if you are, it may be possible to attend your sessions in-person.
Which modality is right for me?
That’s up to you.


  • If you like the face-to-face experience (minus commuting time) you’ll probably like video sessions.
  • If you like the idea of talking to someone but don’t want the video experience, then try telephone sessions.
  • If it’s more helpful to take your time to put your thoughts and feelings ‘down in writing’ than be ‘on the spot’ in the moment, you’ll be well-suited to asynchronous text-based exchanges.
  • If you prefer typing over talking but you want to be ‘live’ with your practitioner, you may prefer ‘chat’ (synchronous text-based sessions).

Maybe you’re not sure and that’s okay. You’re not locked into any one modality. You can choose whichever one you prefer, even changing it up from session to session.

Are these sessions covered by my health plan or extended benefits program?
Many benefit programs cover psychological services offered by counsellors including psychologists and registered social workers. Our practitioners are licensed through their professional associations. You can check with your benefits provider to see what type of services are covered.

How are payments handled?
Payments are administered through our secure session platform. For single sessions, your payment is processed once your session is complete.  For session packages, your complete payment is processed after your first appointment.

How do you protect my information on your counselling platform?
Our session platform keeps your information private, safe and secure. You can read our privacy policy and terms of service here.

What qualifications do your practitioners have?
Our practitioners are licensed coaches, counsellors, or psychotherapists. They are helping professionals from different backgrounds, and qualified members of their professional associations.  You’ll see your practitioner’s bio once you’re matched up.

How is this different than talking to the spiritual leader of my community?
Spiritual directors play an essential role in religious communities and talking to yours may be right for you. In fact, many people turn to support within their church, synagogue, mosque, or temple as a first step. IGI offers yet another option. Maybe your spiritual director is more versed in the spiritual world and right now you need a therapeutic perspective. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with an emotional or psychological issue you may feel the need for a more spiritual perspective than most therapists provide. InnerView practitioners are those who bring the best of both worlds to you.

What if I have an emotional or psychological issue and a spiritual challenge?
You’re in the right place! InnerView practitioners are licensed and trained professionals, skilled in addressing emotional and psychological issues. They are also specially chosen to work with us because they know what it’s like to be on a path informed by inner guidance. Each has his/her own spiritual practice; some from within a specific religion and others on a path congruent with their personal journey. They guide you through emotional and psychological issues through the viewfinder of your religious beliefs and/or spiritual journey.

What if I’m in crisis?
Well, that depends on what you mean. Many of our clients come to us in the midst of an ongoing life crisis and they’re supported, just as they need to be. But if you’re in the type of crisis that needs immediate assistance, then call 911 (or the equivalent in your country), a mental health hotline, or go to your nearest hospital emergency department. If you are in crisis or if you or any other person could be in danger, these resources can provide you with immediate help.

I’m deepening my relationship with God and my spiritual leader says this brings peace…so why am I anxious all the time?
Some people think that just because you feel close to God, you’ll be protected from the pitfalls of anxiety or depression and that inner or outer conflict shouldn’t bother you anymore. The reality can be just the opposite. The closeness with God can stir up everything that pulls you apart, just like in any intimate relationship. But the good news is this: anxiety can be managed. Working with us means you’ll look at the issue through the lens of your faith and see how to tap into deep reserves which relieve your anxiety.

What happens during the free 20-minute session with the practitioner
You have a conversation and listen to what your body, mind and spirit are saying to you.  Are you and your practitioner relating well? Do you feel a connection? Do you feel comfortable taking the next step? This brief session is to orient you to the InnerView Guidance process before you book a single full session or start a series of 4 or 12 sessions. Of course there is no obligation for you to continue after your initial 20 minute meeting.

Okay, I’m ready to get started. How do I do that?
It’s easy. Click here to fill out your InnerView Questionnaire. We’ll take it from there.

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