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“A total restructuring of our knowledge is required once you accept this new definition of a person:
A person is a relationship of which the other is infinite. What will the Psychology Department make of that?”
Sebastian Moore

Welcome to IGI

InnerView is a strength-based, capacity-building, solution-focused approach to therapy that sees the person through the viewfinder of their faith or spiritual journey. We believe that although people have problems, the problems don’t have them. So we move through issue-based, problem-saturated stories to what the soul wants – to live out deeper feelings, needs, values, and purposes. InnerView is a personal path and professional practice guided by a vision of soul growth.

At IGI we are professional coaches, counsellors, and therapists (InnerView practitioners) — each on our own path. At IGI, that’s our mandate… we tend to the care of souls. Our vocation is serving clients who want to live out the best version of themselves and consciously choose which aspects of their psyche to nourish.

Our community is comprised of InnerView practitioners and spiritual care professionals who share our vision. Together we’re putting the soul back into psychology, which originally meant ‘soul knowledge’.

To learn more about our approach read: Through the Solution-Focused Looking Glass: Introducing InnerView Guidance


Professional Development

Cyber Therapy Certificate

This online self-paced course covers the definition of online therapy/telemental health, reviews the history of therapeutic delivery via technology and covers each method of delivery including email, chat, text, audio, video and virtual worlds. Clinical application and theoretical considerations are reviewed as well as the legal and ethical aspects of telemental health.

In addition, these short courses may be taken separately.

Working Therapeutically Using Asynchronous Email /Letters
Working Therapeutically Using Synchronous Chat/Text
Working Therapeutically Using Telephone and Audio
Using Video Conferencing to Conduct Online Therapy 

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Intuitive Wellness Coach Certificate

Train to be a coach. This comprehensive program is an online 200 hour self-paced certificate course covering a wide scope. This course is for people who want to enter the coaching profession and utilize intuitive and alternative approaches to health and wellness including Reiki, energy healing, aromatherapy and other modalities. The certificate prepares you for credentialing through the International Association of Health Coaches and the Center of Credentialing and Education.

Connect to Emotional Wellness

This online video course combines basic mindfulness practices and energy techniques. It also introduces Connect Decks as a therapeutic tool which helping professionals can use to advance their practice and facilitate connection with clients.

Connect Decks

  • Enhance client/therapist connection
  • Facilitate rapid energy shift to the positive
  • Promote emotional awareness
  • Assist and encourage clients between sessions


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