“Some might call it the Holy Spirit, some might call it the soul, some might simply speak of inner resonance. The practical point is that pure being can move in both directions up and down from God to rocks, with humans as the free and conscious connector in between.”
Richard Rohr


You’re immersed in church ministry or it could be synagogue, mosque, or temple leadership. You’re committed to your relationship with God, daily devotion and serving your community. You make regular retreats because you know the value of extended periods of discernment. And yet, it’s come to your attention — through your own better instincts or from your community — that it’s time to get some psychological or emotional support from a helping professional. We’re here to help religious leaders — clergy and monastic — who would like their psychological support to be firmly rooted in their faith tradition. We’re a diverse team and we welcome adherents of all faiths. Although you may hesitate to go outside your community for therapeutic support, we would be honoured to help you meet your psychospiritual needs.

If you would like…

  • To return to the original wellsprings of your vocation.
  • To find renewed connection and intimacy with the divine.
  • To move through a psychological or emotional roadblock.
  • To get back to doing God’s work without the distraction of a divided life.
  • In short, to live out what your soul wants…

We can walk you through it.

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We know that genuine spirituality usually includes an acute awareness of the inner life. It’s likely that you’ve always cultivated self-knowledge. Yet perhaps this very self-awareness is a source of suffering right now, due to something that has shaken your confidence or the very foundations of your ministry. Or just makes you feel you’ve gotten away from what matters. If you would like to live out what your soul wants, we can walk you through it. If you are in a leadership position within your religious community and open to a professional liason with IGI, please contact Cedric Speyer at cmspeyer@innerviewguidance.com or 416-410-9631.

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