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“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite.”
William Blake

Welcome to IGI

InnerView is a strength-based, capacity-building, solution-focused approach to therapy that sees the person through the viewfinder of their faith or spiritual journey. We believe that although people have problems, the problems don’t have them. So we move through issue-based, problem-saturated stories to what the soul wants – to live out deeper feelings, needs, values, and purposes. InnerView is a personal path and professional practice guided by a vision of soul growth.

At IGI we are professional coaches, counsellors, and therapists (InnerView practitioners) — each on our own path. At IGI, that’s our mandate… we tend to the care of souls. Our vocation is serving clients who want to live out the best version of themselves and consciously choose which aspects of their psyche to nourish.

Our community is comprised of InnerView practitioners and spiritual care professionals who share our vision. Together we’re putting the soul back into psychology, which originally meant ‘soul knowledge’.

To learn more about our approach read: Through the Solution-Focused Looking Glass: Introducing InnerView Guidance

Technical Issues
To reach helpdesk support for platform issues, call 888-687-9288 ext. 0 or email: support@oncallhealth.ca           

Strategic Partnerships
To discuss how we can support the spiritual and psychological needs of your organization, contact Cedric Speyer at cmspeyer@innerviewguidance.com  or 416-410-9631.

Media & Networking
For media interest, more information on InnerView Guidance, and other professional inquiries, contact Cedric Speyer at cmspeyer@innerviewguidance.com or 416-410-9631

Mentorship & Supervision
To learn more about clinical supervision using the InnerView approach, email Cedric Speyer: cmspeyer@innerviewguidance.com

IGI mailing address:
InnerView Guidance International
146 Arlington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6C 2Z2

To book your session, there’s no need to call or email. Just go to our registration page here.

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