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“Lighthouses don’t go running all over the island looking for boats to save;
they just stand there shining.”
Anne Lamott

All  of us have the yearning and power within us to transcend our difficulties. Those whose examples we call GuideLives call forth the vision and faith it takes. They are the artists and pathfinders who move beyond received wisdom and structures of belief to touch the heart-mind of us all. They seek with the soul and see with the heart. Their work-play becomes a living bridge for others to cross over into our own soul-making. Here are some brief clips and songs of those who invite us to a higher calling. For the video profile of Tom Francoeur, who is the spiritual ‘godfather’ of InnerView and inspired the GuideLives documentary project, see: http://www.guidelives.ca/.


Ramana Maharshi
The Razor’s Edge

Alice Herz-Sommer
A Century of Wisdom

Alan Watts
The Story of the Chinese Farmer

Viktor Frankl
Why believe in others

Bob Dylan
Every Grain of Sand

Ram Dass
The Inner Voice

Sister Rosetta Sharpe
Up Above My Head

Bede Griffiths
The Nondual Mind

Jean Vanier
To listen, means…

Mister Rogers
The truth will make me free

Love Dogs

C.G. Jung
Power of Imagination

Leonard Cohen
Come Healing

Joan Baez
Let It Be

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