"Psychological work focuses more on what has gone wrong: how we have been wounded in our relations with others and how to go about addressing that. Spiritual work focuses more on what is intrinsically right: how we have infinite resources at the core of our nature that we can cultivate in order to live more expansively.”
John Welwood

Spiritual and faith-based therapy for what the soul wants. 

What brought you this far can be described in different ways. We see it as an inner journey whether that journey is a quest for deeper meaning, the result of a spiritual awakening, or simply strengthening your faith.  Sufis like Rumi say it’s about becoming a true human being. Christians speak of the peace which surpasses all understanding. Some simply call it personal and collective evolution.  All religions point towards becoming fully human. Yet that often involves growing pains which may sound familiar to you…

  • You might be at a crossroads, discerning which direction to take.
  • There might be a habit, a pattern, or an emotional entanglement you’re trying to break before it breaks you.
  • You can’t see how to apply your soul’s wisdom to a life impasse.
  • You know what matters most to you, yet somehow you’re not seeing it as much as you would like to in your life.
  • Your inner and outer worlds are just not congruent.  You wonder what will it take to be fully aligned with what your soul wants.

InnerView is a strength-based, capacity-building approach to therapy. We believe that although people have problems, the problems don’t have them.  Most people who come to us are grappling with an issue or obstacle and they need to connect with their inner wisdom to work through it.  We can help you get in touch with your deeper feelings, needs, values, and purposes, so that you can find a way forward.


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For those who prefer, we offer a free 20 minute video meeting with the InnerView practitioner we select for you. 

We are professional coaches, counsellors, and therapists (InnerView practitioners) who know the territory both from the perspective of mental and emotional health, and the soul work which makes sense of it all. InnerView Guidance is therapeutic support guided by a vision of soul growth.  We’re rediscovering the ‘soul knowledge’ of psychology.  When we work with you, we explore how your faith, religion or spiritual practice can be a wellspring of hope and confidence.  We work from the inside out, with the goal of realigning your inner life with your life situation, so that…


  • You remember who you really are and engage with others more authentically.
  • You reclaim your strengths and self-worth and experience how these qualities contribute to the well-being of others.
  • You know yourself as a whole person whose life bears fruit in meaningful ways.
  • You find the inner and outer resources to overcome hurdles on your path and to help others do the same.
  • You experience the joy that comes with knowing you’re living your truth and sharing it with others.

InnerView Guidance is available on a secure, multi-modal platform. You can have a series of sessions with a specially selected InnerView practitioner by using phone, video, or text-based methods for your dialogue with them.

The call to soul work is common to people of all faiths, religions and traditions and across all walks of life. We support people whose personal challenges and life circumstances can be seen through the viewfinder of their beliefs, faith, or spiritual journey.


It could be…

  • A clash between what the soul wants and the desires of the ego.
  • A conflict between wanting to be closer to God and everything pulling you in the opposite direction.
  • Confronting the perennial question when wealth, power, honour, and pleasure don’t fulfill their promises: “Is this all there is?”

To get started… first we get to know you through your InnerView Questionnaire and then we select the practitioner who we discern will be best for you. We take into consideration your present predicament, past experience, your faith, spiritual practices, and any preferences you may have. That practitioner can help you live out what you know to be true about yourself, and find a way forward, no matter what your current life circumstances. All you need to do is click on this link or the register tab below. After you fill out the online registration form, you will be able to book a free 20 minute video meeting with your InnerView practitioner.

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