"Psychological work focuses more on what has gone wrong: how we have been wounded in our relations with others and how to go about addressing that. Spiritual work focuses more on what is intrinsically right: how we have infinite resources at the core of our nature that we can cultivate in order to live more expansively.”
John Welwood

Psychology for what the soul wants

InnerView is a psychospiritual model for helping professionals which integrates the perspectives of mental and emotional health with the summons of underlying soul work.  We emphasize the ‘soul knowledge’ of psychology (its original meaning). Through clinical resources, online courses, community support and the 4Fold Path map you can be oriented to the InnerView approach. You can also explore how your own psychospiritual development and methods of guidance can be informed by spiritual and religious competencies in clinical practice.

IGI provides psychospiritual resources as a versatile ‘toolkit’ for your path and practice and a 4Fold Path map for therapeutic soul work.


The InnerView Guidance approach is rooted in positive psychology principles: strength-based, capacity-building, solution-oriented. We believe that although people have problems, the problems don’t have them.  Most people who come to you for coaching, counselling or psychotherapy are grappling with an issue or obstacle in their life situation. They need to connect with their inner wisdom to deal with it on a conscious and intentional level, aligned with what the soul wants. InnerView Guidance International (IGI) is here to help you, the helper, follow a

multi-layered fourfold process that provides a template for unfolding soul growth. 




hat is soul work? It is attunement to the life-giving ‘true self’ which keeps us honest in any life situation, no matter how challenging. It is the unique form our self-giving takes that cannot be reduced to emotional predispositions, psychological dynamics or social conditioning. Thankfully, we don’t need to debate what the soul is to know what it does. The soul has the capacity to keep us grounded, to keep things simple, travel light through the world, and hear the cardinal’s song along the way. The soul knows it’s not what you’ve got; it’s what you do with what you’ve got. The soul is what can choose kindness and compassion when surrounded by hatred and fear. The soul cultivates inner peace when there are reasons to be frustrated or discouraged. Soul strength is not just the sum of mental health, good character traits, personal bests and healthy self-care lifestyles. 

IGI provides psychospiritual resources as a versatile ‘toolkit’ for your path and practice and a 4Fold Path map for therapeutic soul work.


The call to soul work is common to people of all faiths, religions and traditions and across all walks of life.

What the soul wants can be described in different ways.

  • It wants to keep us rooted in our truth, able to resist the diversions of ego.
  • It wants to keep us connected to community, knowing all life is interrelated.
  • It wants to find the place where our talents meet the needs we can serve in the world.
  • It wants to bring intuitive wisdom to the crossroads of life and manifest what matters most.
  • It wants our inner life to be congruent with our persona in the external world.

“The first key to greatness is to be in reality what we appear to be.” – Socrates

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